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Monday, November 23, 2009

Apprenticeship Ratio's & The College of Trades

I've posted a couple times about the new Ontario College of Trades recently instituted by the McGinty government. One of the first issues to be tackled is the 3:1 ratio of journeymen to apprentices. In my day the ratio was 1:1, and with all the concern about boomers like myself retiring, there is no way to graduate new journeymen, considering the attrition rate between sign-up and completion, without dealing with the ratio. I don't know the history on why it was changed, and would be very interested in any assistance in finding out.

It's astonishing considering all the media coverage of "skilled worker shortages" that we're dealing with this at this time. The suggestion has been made that we should import tradesmen to fill the gap. No, let's get Ontario young people into apprenticeships!

This is definitely an issue the public needs to be aware of.

By the way, here's a link to a utube video clip of an evaluation of the new College of Trades that I feel makes several good points. It features the Conservative critic speaking prior to the bill's passing. I'm also waiting to talk to anyone in the trades who cares in the least, never mind be willing to part with $100. a year to fund it.



  1. Dave,

    Can more than one apprentice be assigned to a licensed electrician?

    Maybe that is how they will address it.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rob.

    It has taken a bit of digging to find where the 3:1 ratio comes from. I think I'll post with an update to explain the involvement of the trades unions in keeping the ratio as it is. Basically, in Ontario the decision to set the ratio is set by "The Ministry of Colleges and Universities" who also regulate Community College training delivery and collect $60. or so for my trades license.

    The unions continually pull the "risk" card to support the current high ratio. No answer to whether there will be any change.

    In truth, that ratio only applies over 7 or 8 man shops. An electrician can train an apprentice. Three can have two, etc.